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Let's create the future together!

We are now taking on a big challenge for the future of Japanese industry.
It is to improve the "measurement" of fruits and vegetables.

By improving and standardizing the weighing work of “weighing”

・Improve labor shortage

・Standardization of workers at large-scale packing centers

・Data conversion of outputs that serve as research foundations for plant factories and research institutes

・Persons with disabilities can perform weighing work and participate in society.

And so on.

This is possible because of the peace of mind, low risk, low price, and lightweight compact "Table Combi".

We will listen to the complaints of "measurement" and solve them.

"0We are looking for colleagues who can take on challenges together while doing the work of “making 1 from”.

Together, "Hakari of the future""Why don't you create a


Okay running if you want to solve the dissatisfaction of scales

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