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​How to install (triple support)


Part 1: Subsidy support

Part 1: Subsidy support

We support implementation using “subsidies”.

There are many achievements of introducing table combi with subsidies.

There are various ways to withdraw subsidies, such as "Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries", "Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry", "Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare", and other subsidy systems operated by local governments.

We can advise you on the best subsidies for your needs.

We also offer a rental service for the period until the subsidy is adopted for customers who want to use it until the subsidy is adopted.


Part 2: Rental service

Use only during peak seasonWe offer a rental service.

(Only combination scales are available for rental.)

Harvest time when labor is not availableis used by

The basic rental contract is from 1 month, but it is possible to rent from 1 week at the shortest.

The rental fee is 60,000 to 70,000 yen/month.

In the case of a contract period of 3 months or more, the shipping fee will be a service.

We also have a discount service if you want to switch to "new purchase" in the middle of the rental contract, so please contact us.

(*In the case of purchase from some stores, it may not be possible.)


Part 3: Residual Value Lease

"Pay only for what you use!"

This is the case when purchasing a so-called private car or building a house.

This service was started based on the opinions of new farmers who have a large cash flow burden.

Monthly usage fee for 5 years is "¥ 10,000 ~"

At the end of the five years, the amount equivalent to the balance will be(1) Return or (2) Lump-sum payment or (3) Re-leaseYou can choose

As a service that can be used with more peace of mind...

◆Annual periodical inspection contract

◆ Comprehensive movable property insurance

is also attached.

If you rent for multiple months each year, a residual value lease may be more profitable.

(*May not be available at some stores)


- Manufacturing industry, manufacturer - Combination weighing - Weight rank sorting - Automatic weighing machine - Labor-saving machine

Okay running if you want to solve the dissatisfaction of scales

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