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Case study (video)

・Comparison with conventional weighing work
・Measuring Japanese mustard spinach
・Measurement of cut vegetables
・Weighing spinach (1)
・Tomato weighing
・Sweet potato sorting
・Weigh the sweet potatoes
・Weighing carrots
・Potato weighing
・Weigh burdock root
・Weighing spinach ②

The weight and error stipulated by the Measurement Law are as shown in the table below.

​Table (2) Weight/slightly loose standards

Vegetables, pickles, seafood, noodles, fruits, seaweed, etc.

​Weighing results

・Green pepper ・Carrot

・Garlic ・Onion

・Sweet potato ・Lotus root

・Potato ・Tomato

・Cherry tomato ・Eggplant

・Okra ・Green beans

・Apple ・Taro

・Asparagus ・Dekopon

・Burdock ・Cucumber

・Green onion ・Pod peas

・Spinach ・Mizuna


・Strawberry sorting
・Comparison of carrot weighing
・Onion weighing line

Okay running if you want to solve the dissatisfaction of scales

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